My Approach

A typical wedding day

I take a very hands off approach to wedding photography (until it comes to family portraits + couples portrait). I like to cover the full day from just before the dress goes on until just after the first dance.  During the getting ready process, I like to just blend in as one of the girls - so you don't feel awkward with me sneaking around the room silently or giving you a million cues and directions. Apart from occasionally suggesting you places yourself in a spot in the room that has better light, I really don't direct much at this point. 

Throughout the day I will be taking all sorts of story telling photos, including scene setting photos, photos that tell more of a short story of what they day felt like, ect. 

At this point couples will either choose to have a first look, and do all of their photos prior to the ceremony - so they can hang out with their guest during cocktail hour, OR wait until after the ceremony to do photos. I spend roughly 20 minutes on wedding party photos. 

I then spend around 30 minutes with just the two of you. We will have one or two shots that are camera aware, and the rest will be more interaction. I really encourage couples to slow down at this time. Enjoying these few moments alone together in each others arms as husband and wife. 

For the ceremony I am completely hands off. I do not direct a thing. I document pure emotion of you and your guests. 

During cocktail hour, we float around looking for moments and emotions. Capturing groups of friends and family together in celebration. 

At dinner, I would love to be sat with guests. It once again allows me to blend in and be fully part of the event, rather than a stranger lurking around. When you eat, I eat (no one likes photos of themselves eating). 

Then its party time! I love getting right onto the dance floor for some epic dance shots! I typically stay for about 30 minutes of party and love when the couple stays on the dance floor for at least one fast song after their first dance. 

Meet your Photographer Vera Rappa

Meet your Photographer Vera Rappa


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